Take control of your link branding

Whether you are a blogger, company or just for fun. Create and track links on social media sites using your own branded short domain name. It's super-easy to set up with iwantmyname.


Professional hosted solution for branded URL shortening with detailed link tracking and analytics.


Use your own short domain name for custom link shortening and forwarding on Twitter or Facebook.


Clkim offers a premium link shortening and interstitial ad server service. Using our platform - users can shorten links and monetize with full page interstitial ads (fully responsive). Unlike other sites we offer all of the users the ability to custom brand the top bar of the interstitial so that end users will have a good experience. We also offer our Premium users the ability to control the ads themselves (for example they can place their own affiliate links / ads etc.) Our Premium Plus users to use their own domains - so essentially they use our platform in a white label mode. We have various integration methods such as: browser bookmarklet, WordPress plugin, automatic link shortener/wrapper, developers api etc


Share links, images, files and more with this powerful menubar app for your Mac.


The best app to share stuff on a custom domain name directly from your Mac with 1GB storage.


Hosted white-label URL shortening service for customized links under your own domain.