Get a free blog, website or email address

You do not have to spend any money to host your domain name. Start a blog, create a website or claim your name for a personal email address completely free!


Free blog hosting for your domain name. Tumblr is fun to use and makes sharing content easy.

Use your own short domain name for custom link shortening and forwarding on Twitter or Facebook.


Google's popular hosted blog service. Post articles, photos or videos on your own domain name.

GitHub Pages

Host static pages by pushing files to a GitHub repository. If you're a developer, this is for you.


Self publishing platform for journalists, journalism students and brands to collaborate. Easy to create a free profile.

Simply select an Evernote notebook, add a domain, then tag notes as published to share on your blog.


Use your own domain name to create branded, memorable, and pronounceable custom short links.


Remix the web. is perfect for sharing stuff, your lifestream or tumblelog. It's free too!


Create your online store free and start selling today.


Upload and share documents, collaborate with others or use it as a personal website.

Zoho Sites

Everything you need to make a professional website for business or personal use.