WHOIS privacy overview

When a domain is registered, ICANN is required to "implement measures to maintain timely, unrestricted and public access to accurate and complete WHOIS information…", which, in short, means that specific contact information must be made available to anyone who requests that information via a WHOIS database.

To keep registration information masked, many domain registrars offer a WHOIS privacy service, which replaces your personal information with the contact information of the domain registrar. With WHOIS privacy enabled, you are still the legal owner (registrant) of any domain name, and have full control should you wish to update the registrant details, change the owner, or transfer it to another registrar—your information is just hidden on public WHOIS databases.

Adding WHOIS privacy to your domain

WHOIS privacy is a free service for iwantmyname customers, and is automatically added to all new domains using the extensions below.  Domains registered before Feb 2017 *do not* have WHOIS on by default, but you can turn it on from your domain's WHOIS update page under Domains > yourdomain.com > Domain owner > enable privacy.

If you currently have our old WHOIS privacy service in place, you can update to the new full masking service by clicking disable privacy in your dashboard to remove the old service, let the page refresh, then click enable privacy to add the new WHOIS privacy service.

Supported domain extensions

Because each underlying domain registry has different WHOIS requirements, we can only enable our WHOIS privacy service with select top-level domains (TLDs). Here is the current list:

.ac .academy .accountant .accountants .actor
.adult .ae.org .ag .agency .al
.apartments .ar.com .art .associates .auction
.band .bar .bargains .bayern .beer
.best .bet .bike .bingo .bio
.biz .black .blog .blue .boutique
.br.com .build .builders .business .bz
.cab .cafe .cam .camera .camp
.capital .cards .care .careers .casa
.cash .casino .catering .cc .center
.chat .cheap .church .city .claims
.cleaning .clinic .clothing .cloud .club
.cn.com .co .co.uk .coach .codes
.coffee .college .com .community .company
.computer .condos .construction .consulting .contractors
.cooking .cool .country .coupons .courses
.credit .cricket .cruises .dance .date
.dating .de.com .deal .deals .degree
.delivery .democrat .dental .design .diamonds
.digital .direct .directory .discount .dog
.domains .download .earth .education .email
.energy .engineer .engineering .enterprises .equipment
.estate .eu.com .events .exchange .expert
.exposed .express .fail .faith .family
.fans .farm .fashion .finance .financial
.fish .fishing .fit .fitness .flights
.florist .fm .forsale .foundation .fun
.fund .furniture .futbol .fyi .gallery
.games .garden .gb.com .gifts .gives
.glass .global .gold .golf .graphics
.gratis .green .gripe .group .guide
.guitars .guru .haus .healthcare .hockey
.holdings .holiday .horse .hospital .host
.house .hu.com .immo .immobilien .industries
.info .ink .institute .insure .investments
.io .jpn.com .kaufen .kim .kitchen
.kiwi .kr.com .la .land .lc
.lease .lgbt .life .lighting .limo
.loans .love .maison .management .market
.marketing .mba .me .me.uk .media
.memorial .mn .mobi .moda .moe
.money .mortgage .nagoya .name .net
.network .ng .ninja .no.com .okinawa
.one .onl .org .org.uk .partners
.parts .photography .photos .pictures .pink
.pizza .place .plumbing .press .productions
.properties .pub .pw .qc.com .quebec
.recipes .red .rehab .reisen .rentals
.report .republican .rest .restaurant .review
.reviews .rich .rip .rocks .rodeo
.ru.com .run .ryukyu .sa.com .sale
.salon .sarl .sc .schule .se.com
.services .sh .shiksha .shoes .shop
.show .singles .site .ski .so
.social .software .solar .solutions .soy
.space .store .studio .style .supplies
.supply .support .surf .surgery .systems
.taipei .tax .team .tech .technology
.tennis .tienda .tips .tires .tm
.today .tokyo .tools .top .tours
.town .toys .trading .training .tube
.tv .uk .uk.com .uk.net .university
.uno .us.com .uy.com .vacations .vc
.ventures .vet .viajes .video .villas
.vision .vodka .voyage .wang .watch
.website .wedding .wiki .win .work
.works .world .ws .wtf .在线
.移动 .中文网 .みんな .游戏 .企业
.xyz .yoga .yokohama .za.com .zone

What if my domain does not allow privacy?

Unfortunately, many country code domain extensions (ccTLDs — the two-letter domain extensions) don't allow WHOIS privacy because it's not supported in their registration policies. Unfortunately, we don't have any influence over that.

What we usually recommend in that case is changing your domain's contact details to a more private address like a PO box. It will still be attached to you, but not to your physical address.