We've updated our Terms & Conditions. What's changed?

We have completely overhauled and updated our terms to bring them in line with current ICANN regulations. (ICANN being the governing body of all generic domain extensions, or gTLDs.) Our terms define our rights and responsibilities as a domain service provider and the rights and responsibilities of our customers.

What those are hasn't really changed, though we have adjusted the language.

On our Terms & Conditions page, we have linked to all the different registry agreements for the extensions that can be registered via our system from within our terms. By registering a domain name you not only agree to our terms but also agree to the terms of the registry providing the extension. (Each country code domain extension, or ccTLD, has its own registry, for example.)

We needed to add a few more links to that list because of recently launched domain extensions (TLDs).

We also added the WHOIS privacy agreement to our terms so customers can set WHOIS privacy by default, but won't need to activate it for each domain name individually. (More information here on WHOIS privacy availability and setup.)

The WHOIS privacy agreement is pretty much the only actual new addition to the terms. The rest of the agreement may have changed slightly in wording and it got a bit more general to be relevant for all domain extensions (since there are so many new ones) but hasn't changed in its actual content.