My domain is suspended. Help!

All newly registered gTLDs (e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG, and all the new gTLDs, like .GURU, .CLUB, etc.), or gTLD domains for which the owner contact details have been changed, must be verified within 15 days of the registration or change.

More information about this is here:

If the domain owner does not verify the newly registered domain, or domain for which the owner contact details have been changed, within the allotted 15-day period, the verification will go into an overdue status and the domain will be taken offline.

The domain's nameservers are then changed to show that the domain doesn't resolve, and if a website has been created it will show a domain suspension page. Once verified, however, the nameservers are changed back and the domain is brought back online. This can happen fairly quickly, but can also take up to 48 hours for the new settings to fully propagate around the Internet.

To verify the registration or changes, an email is sent to the domain owner at the current registrant/owner contact email address. It's important that you can access that address (e.g. it's not an outdated email address or one using the domain you just registered for which no email hosting has been set up yet).

That verification email contains a link that you need to click on to complete verification. If you did not receive the verification email, there are several ways to address that.

1. The email may have been caught by your spam filter, so we recommend checking that folder.

2. Search for the email address from which the verification email was sent:, or the subject of the email, which will begin with "The verification of your domains is required".

3. If you're not sure to which email address the verification email was sent, you can do a WHOIS lookup for the domain that needs to be verified to see which email address is displayed for the domain owner/registrant and admin contacts.

4. If the domain's owner/registrant email address is an old or inactive one, or one that doesn't exist yet (e.g. using the newly registered domain name) then you will not be able to receive the verification email. We will have to update the registrant email address for you so you can. Please login to your iwantmyname account to authenticate as the account holder for security, and send us a request from our support form: - include the new email address you'd like to use, and we can make the update and re-send the verification email to that address.

Once the domain is verified, the nameservers will be changed back and the website and email will be accessible again, typically within a few hours. As noted, while this usually happens fairly quickly, it can take up to 48 hours for the new settings to fully propagate around the Internet.