Microsoft Office 365 setup

After you have registered your domain with iwantmyname, you can sign up with Microsoft Office 365 and add your new domain name in your Microsoft account to create new email address(es) using that domain.

Once you go through the Office 365 setup wizard, you will be asked to add several DNS records.

The DNS records Microsoft provides need to be added in your domain's DNS manager in your iwantmyname account.
  1. To add the records, login to your iwantmyname account, and in the top navigation menu, click on Setup, then click on Manage DNS.
  2. Select Edit DNS records for the domain you would like to set up.
  3. Add the records one at a time, using the details provided by Office 365 and filling in the fields provided. Click on the add button to the right of the fields once you've added each record.
  4. The format of the SRV records listed by Office 365 differs a bit from our input format. In order to add the SRV records, please put the details in as follows:
    Hostname: _sip._tls
    Type: SRV
    Priority: 100
    Value: 1 443
    Hostname: _sipfederationtls._tcp
    Type: SRV
    Priority: 100
    Value: 1 5061
  5.  Once you have added all the details, save the new DNS settings.
Here an example of what the DNS records will look like in your DNS manager and how to save the details:

You have now added all the records and will be able to finalize the setup in your Office 365 account. If you have any questions or need help getting things set up, just let us know.