Information about adding an SSL certificate

As security and privacy online become a much bigger deal, a lot more people are looking into what they can do to keep their websites, logins, email, and data secure.

SSL certificates are a popular way to improve security. If you're not sure what an SSL certificate does, or if you might need one, there's some good information from Verisign here, or from our upstream partner Hexonet here.

Our list of recommended SSL certificate provider partners is here.

It's important to note, if you're interested in adding an SSL certificate for your website, that iwantmyname does not provide web hosting. SSL certificates need to be hosted (stored) somewhere, and that's not a service we offer. 

It's getting more and more common for web platforms and services, like those in our Marketplace, to include SSL certificate offerings. So before securing a third-party SSL certificate, we recommend checking with the service or platform you're using.

If you're not using a hosted platform for your website, or otherwise prefer to use a third-party SSL certificate, then you will need to set up a third-party hosting account, and host the certificate from there.

Our list of recommended web hosting provider partners is here. Of course, you're welcome to use any host you like.

Once the hosting account is set up, you will either need to point your domain to that account. You can either use DNS records, which can be added in your domain's dashboard, or change the domain's nameservers from ours to the ones provided by your web host, depending on what options the host offers.

Note that any DNS records already set up in your dashboard will need to be copied over to your hosting account in order to keep working once you update the nameservers.

For something like Let's Encrypt, you will likely just need a CAA record. We have more information on what that would look like here and what information we would need from you to add it.

As always, if you have any questions, just let us know.