I registered my domain. Where is my website?

For your website to be displayed when you type the domain name into a browser, it has to have been set up and connected to a website hosting or a service platform.

When you register a domain with us, it's automatically added to your account and you own it, but it's not automatically connected to a website service, because we don't know which one you want to use. The same goes for email hosting.

To connect a domain name to a website host or platform, DNS records or hosting nameservers need to be added if you know what one you want to use. You're welcome to add those in your dashboard, use one of our one-click installs, or we're happy to help add them for you.

If you're not sure what one you want to use, let us know and we can make some recommendations on the type of site you want, what email features you need, etc.:


From our Marketplace we have lots of one-click installs, which automatically add the records you need for lots of popular services:


There's a wide variety of platforms to cover pretty much any interest, hobby, or profession, from blogging to e-commerce to artistic portfolios. Just click on the service that suits you best and follow the instructions.

Then the last part is for you to add the domain name to your website service or hosting account and finish the setup there to get the domain and website online. If you have any trouble or questions, just send us a message using our support form linked above. We're happy to help.