I forgot my account login email address

Password reset emails can only be sent to the login email address on file

Please note that the password reset function can only send a password reset email to the correct login email address saved on the account.

If you have tried to send a password reset email to yourself and it hasn't arrived (and is not caught in your spam folder), the login email address is different than the one you are using.

It is possible to save different login and account notification email addresses, so if you are still receiving emails from us, but the login email address you are using isn't working, that is why.

Where to look up your login email address

Your payment receipts and registration email displays the correct login email address. If that email address is no longer active or has a typo in it, we will need to help you to update it.

Please get in touch with us to proceed. For security, we will need to authenticate you as the account holder in order to make the changes.

Security lockouts for too many failed logins or password resets

If you have sent the the password reset email and clicked on the link in it, but still can't login, it's possible you accidentally sent more than one.

For security reasons, accounts are locked for 60 minutes if multiple failed login attempts are detected or several password reset emails are requested within a short period of time.

After 60 minutes you can try logging in again or re-sending the password reset email.

If you are using two-factor authentication (Authy) with your account

Please note that if you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will need both your iwantmyname login credentials and an additional security code from Authy to login to your account. (Authy is the third-party app we use for two-factor authentication.)

If it's an issue with Authy that's preventing you from logging in , you will need to try to resolve that first. Because Authy is a separate system, we do not have access to your account with them.

Check here for more information on token problems, lockouts, resets, etc.

If you are not able to resolve the Authy issue, we can remove the two-factor authentication for you, but for security will require extensive documentation. Please get in touch so we can advise.