I don't want to renew my domain. Can I get a refund?

Customers can cancel renewal of their domains in their dashboards any time, except if the renewal billing has been processed but the domain hasn't been renewed yet at the registry.

Just login, click on the domain name, and on the next page click on "cancel" to the right of "Next Billing".

However, if we have billed the renewal, but the domain has not yet been renewed at the registry, the customer will not be able to cancel renewal themselves.

We can do that for you, but we will need to authenticate you as the account holder for security before we can make any account changes.

To do that, login to your account and send us a quick message from our support form.

We can usually process refunds on unwanted domain renewals for 14 days after the renewal billing. If you're not sure if the refund is possible, feel free to ask.

Once the domain has been renewed at the registry (and the expiry date has updated to the following year), we can no longer process refunds, though we can still help set the domain to expire if needed.