How long does a transfer to iwantmyname take?

How long a domain transfer takes from another registrar into your iwantmyname account depends on several factors:

- the domain extension (or TLD), e.g. the .com in or the .de in
- the domain provider (registrar) you are transferring it from.

For generic domain extensions (gTLDs)

These are the generic domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .pizza, etc. -- anything that's not a country code, which are mostly two letters. These transfers can take up to 7 days, but most commonly complete in 5 days.

For these domains to transfer to us we need to wait for the underlying registry (different from the registrar) to assign the domain to us so we can manage it for you. This happens automatically within 5-7 days after the transfer has been approved by the customer.

To approve a transfer, you will receive a transfer verification email and need to follow the instructions in it to accept the transfer. If you don't do this (or don't receive the email), the transfer can't be started and will eventually expire.

Can I speed up my transfer?

Unfortunately, we can't do anything to speed up the process, because during the transfer itself we don't have access to the domain yet.

However, some registrars provide the option to approve an outgoing transfer from their system more quickly. You can check with your old domain registrar (that you are transferring from) if they offer this. If so, tell them that you want to approve the transfer for the domain and it can be completed within a few minutes.

(For example, GoDaddy enables you to approve the transfer right away yourself using these instructions.)

If the old registrar doesn't provide this option, we will need to wait for the registry to assign the domain to us automatically.

For country code domain extensions (ccTLDs)

For ccTLDs (like .CA, .JP, even .TV, CO, etc.) transfer time can vary between minutes and days depending on the regulations of the underlying registry and degree of automation in their systems.

Some domain extensions transfer right away. Some require an additional transfer confirmation email to be accepted before the transfer continues. Some require us to send information to the registry. And others work like the gTLDs described above.

gTLDs are almost all governed by the same transfer rules, but ccTLD registries can set their own processes and policies, hence why there are so many variations in their transfer procedures and times.

We do mention the approximate transfer time on the transfer page for each domain extension (just click on an extension in our transfer price list) when you start a transfer for a particular domain name.

Website or email downtime during a transfer

If you are concerned about your website or email not being accessible during your domain transfer, we have information about that and how to prevent downtime in these articles:

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As always, if you have any questions, just let us know.