How does the gTLD pre-order process work?

When you pre-order a domain, you are first directed to set up an account on (or login to your existing account if you have one). To fulfill a pre-order, there are three key things we need, which is why this account is required.

1. A valid email address: without an email address, we have no way of informing you of additional gTLD details as they come in, such as launch dates and pricing.

2. A valid credit card: to make the purchase of your pre-order on launch day, we need to have a valid credit card on file.

3. Valid billing address: the law requires that you have to have accurate billing information, which includes an address, for each domain purchased.

The pre-order will look like a regular domain registration except that the price will be $0.00, since we only bill pre-orders shortly before launch. (We notify you before billing.)

Once you are done with the pre-order, you can manage all of your domains from the Pre-orders section in your dashboard once you've logged in to your account. From that page, you can delete your pre-order at any point until the launch date.



A few weeks before the launch date, we will send out an email that clearly outlines all of the important information and next steps to properly secure your domain. This includes:

  • Launch date and time
  • Price
  • What you pre-ordered (in case you forgot)
  • Reminder to ensure your info is correct
  • A brief explanation of the process. 

Launch date

Please note that iwantmyname will not take part in any priority launch phases where domains are offered at a premium price by the underlying registry (e.g. sunrise or landrush). Pre-orders are submitted once a TLD reaches its standard price.

  • In case there are multiple pre-orders for a domain in our system, we will do an internal lottery first. If your domain is selected, it is your pre-order that gets ordered first.
  • If your pre-order is registered elsewhere during a priority launch phase as mentioned above, we will not be able to register the domain for you.
  • There could be multiple registrars trying to register the same domain on launch day. Since domains are registered on a first-come, first-served basis, another registrar could register your domain before we do (but we're pretty fast).


If you have any questions about the pre-order process or your iwantmyname account, please let us know.