How do I set up domain / web forwarding?

Note: forwarding is also known as web forwarding, URL redirect, web redirect, 301 redirect, and other terms.

1. Login to your iwantmyname account. Then, in the main navigation menu, select Setup, then Web Forwarding.

2. The next screen will list all of your domains, with a link to Add Web forwarding. Click on the link for the domain you want to forward to another URL/website.

Add Web forwarding

3. Click the Install Web forwarding button. Note that will forward the root domain (e.g. It will also set up forwarding for

4. If you would like to forward a subdomain instead (e.g., click on Create a subdomain for Web forwarding, then enter the subdomain name into the text field provided before clicking the Install Web forwarding button.

Add subdomain web forwarding
5. In the From field, if you're forwarding the entire domain (root domain, e.g., just leave that blank.

From and To - root

If you are forwarding a specific page, then enter the page name instead (e.g.

From and To - sub

6. In the To field, either enter the root domain of the site of the site you're forwarding to (e.g., or, if you're forwarding to a specific page, then enter the page name instead (e.g. or

You can also forward from a subpage to a root domain ( to, or from a root domain to a subpage ( to

7. When you have entered the From and To information, click the add button to finish. This will add our forwarding records in your domain's dashboard setup, and save the specific URLs you've specified.

forwarding A records

It does take a bit of time for new settings to propagate, but the forwarding should start working fairly quickly. Note that if you are changing an existing setup, you may need to clear your browser cache or wait for cached settings to expire before the forwarding will start working for you.

Note: iwantmyname web forwarding will only work if you're using the iwantmyname nameservers. If you are using external nameservers, you will need to set up web forwarding and any other DNS records in your web hosting account rather than in our dashboard.

Cloaked/Masked domain redirection

Cloaked/masked domain redirection is not recommended due to a number potential issues. Please refer to this article for an in-depth explanation.

In short: "Don't waste the value that having your own domain name gives to your site by using web redirection for your domain name. Even configured optimally, you will still lose many things, including the portability of your website, the inbound links and its search engine ranking."

However, if you are in a situation that requires cloaked/masked domains, please send us a request and we can install it manually.