How do I restore an expired domain?

If your domain expires and isn't renewed during the regular grace period, we may still be able to recover it at the registry level in most cases. 

Please see our full domain restore price list. This list includes all the types of domains that can be restored after expiring:

Before requesting a renewal of your expired domain, please login to your account and ensure that the billing details are up to date:

You may also want to get in touch with your credit card company. Declined or failed renewal billing transactions are a common reason domains don't get renewed on time. Sometimes it's simply a matter of authorizing the transaction with them before continuing with our restore process.

The deletion process for generic top-level domains such as .COM / .NET / .ORG, for example, is as follows. Please note that this process is NOT the same for all types of domain extensions.

1. The domain expires and enters a grace period for 45 days.

2. The grace period expires. The domain goes into the "redemption period". It is removed from your iwantmyname account and is deleted at our registrar.

3. Once the domain is deleted, it will be placed in a "pending delete restorable" status at the registry, e.g. VeriSign for .COM or PIR for .ORG domains.

4. The registry will allow us to restore a domain within 30 days after deletion.

5. After 30 days, the status changes to "pending delete" at the registry for 5 days. We will not be able to recover your domain once it has reached this status.

6. The domain will be fully deleted and released to the general public after the 5-day pending deletion period ends. At this point, anyone can register it, but there is no guarantee the previous owner will manage to register it before someone else.

This process ONLY applies to gTLDs (including the new ones, e.g. .PHOTOs or .CLUB). The expiration and deletion process for ccTLDs (the 2-letter country code domains like .CA or .IO) varies by registry. Some have shorter grace and redemption periods, some have none.

Again, please ensure there are valid credit card billing details on your account before starting the restore process.

Please note: Unfortunately, most registries charge higher fees to registrars for domain restores (, which we have to pass on to our customers. This fee does not come from our side and we are unable to process restores at the regular renewal rate.