How do I create a subdomain, e.g.

To be clear, a subdomain and a page are different things. The name of a page shows up at the end (to the right) of a domain name, after the TLD or extension, e.g. -- "blog" is the name of the page.

A subdomain shows up at the beginning (to the left) of a root/naked domain, e.g. -- "blog" is the subdomain.

You can create subdomains in your iwantmyname dashboard but you cannot create pages in the dashboard. Pages are created in your hosting account, whether that's in WordPress or Squarespace or another service/platform.

You can add subdomains, e.g. in two ways in your iwantmyname account.

1. Via the DNS manager (manually)

When logged in to your iwantmyname account and in the DNS dashboard for the domain, you will enter the desired subdomain, e.g. blog, in the Hostname field. Then you can add the rest of the information for the type of record you are adding (A, CNAME, MX record, etc.)

Then click on the blue add button to add the record to the domain's zone and make it appear in the list of DNS records for the domain. Then click on Save DNS Settings to save the changes.

add subdomain in dashboard

2. Using the 1-click app setup (recommended)

You can easily add services from our App Marketplace to either a root/naked domain or a subdomain using our one-click installs.

In the following example, we will add Tumblr on the subdomain blog, so the would now point to a Tumblr site.

You can search for the one-click install you want from your domain dashboard, or you can click on the service you want to install from the App Marketplace.

Once you are on the service install page (in this case Tumblr), ensure you have signed up for an account with the service/platform (e.g. Tumblr) if you don't already have one.

Click on or add a subdomain, then enter the subdomain name you want to use in the field that appears (e.g. blog).

Then click on the green Install button to add the DNS records you need for that subdomain. Once the page refreshes, if you look in your domain's dashboard you will see the correct DNS records listed.

one-click setup for subdomain