How do I complete a gTLD domain owner change?

There is a new procedure from ICANN governing domain name owner changes (aka "change of registrant") for gTLDs (the domain extensions that aren't two-letter country codes).

Owner changes can be requested by either the domain's old or new owner, but will no longer be completed in real-time. Owner changes will now also require approval for the changes from both the old and new owners of the domain name.

This approval can be granted by the domain's actual old or new owner, or by a Designated Agent. Per our Terms & Conditions ( iwantmyname is the Desginated Agent for our customers, so we can approve owner changes on behalf of at least one owner.

You can still update some registrant/owner contact details in real-time without needing approval (like phone number or address). However, the following changes to owner/registrant details will require an owner change:

- Updating the first or last name of the owner contact, AND/OR
- Adding, removing or updating the company/organization of the owner contact, AND/OR
- Updating the email address of the owner contact.
- Additionally the owner update process may be triggered if the email address of the administrative contact is updated because the old owner contact didn't have an email address saved.

You can make and save the changes listed above in your domain dashboard as you did before. From the domain's page click on "edit contacts". Once that's done, you will be taken back to your dashboard, which will show the status and progress of the owner change.

The old owner of the domain will receive an email requiring approval of the change. If this approval isn't completed within 14 days, or is rejected, the owner change will be cancelled and a new one would need to be started.

If the owner isn't able to receive or approve the owner change (e.g. inactive email address), we can make the change. Please let us know and we'll advise further.

Once an owner change is completed, the domain is also transfer-locked for 60 days, unless the old owner of the domain opts out of the transfer lock.

For full details on how gTLD owner changes work now, please see our article: