How do I cancel my domain and get a refund?

Domain names are set to auto-renew by default when you register them to protect them from expiring accidentally.

If your domain renewal has been billed but the domain has not yet been renewed at the registry, you will not be able to cancel it yourself. We can do that for you. More information.

Or just login to your iwantmyname account and send us an authenticated request via our support form.

Once the domain is renewed at the registry, renewal can still be cancelled for the following year, but we can no longer process a refund.

If your domain renewal has not been billed yet, read on for information on how to cancel renewal, as well as for more information about how to tell what the billing/renewal status is in your dashboard.

When you are logged in to your account, go to your domains dashboard and click on the domain for which you would like to cancel renewal.

If the domain's information shows Next Billing with cancel to the right of it, and shows Renewal Date, the domain is set to auto-renew. Click the cancel button to cancel renewal.

cancel renewal

If the domain's information shows Expiration Date with renew to the right of it, and does not show the Renewal Date line, the domain is already set to expire.

domain set to expire

If the domain's information shows Renewal Date but does not show the cancel link to the right of Next Billing, but it does show a green paid button, the domain's renewal billing has been processed, but the domain's renewal date has not yet arrived.

renewal billed, domain not yet renewed

In these cases we need to cancel the renewal for you via the instructions above.