How do I add a CNAME DNS record?

You will need to login to your iwantmyname account, and then in your dashboard click on the domain name for which you would like to add the CNAME record. On the next page, click on manage DNS records to go to the DNS dashboard.

  1. Add the subdomain in the Hostname field, e.g. www, blog, etc. The Hostname has to be a subdomain. A CNAME record can't be setup for the root domain.
  2. Choose CNAME from the Type drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the CNAME Value, e.g.,,, etc. The CNAME value needs to be a full domain name and can't be an IP address or @.
  4. Click the blue add button to update the DNS zone. The new CNAME record will be displayed below in your list of DNS records for the domain.
  5. Click on the green Save DNS Settings button to save the changes and ensure that the DNS update is transmitted to our DNS server.

Note that you can't add two CNAME records pointing to exactly the same place. If you try you will see an error message and the attempted update will not save. All CNAME records have to point to a different subdomain.

If you have questions or need any help, just let us know.

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