Do you offer a WHOIS privacy service?

Yes! We activate our free WHOIS privacy service by default for all domain registrations that support it.

Check the full list of domain extensions that support WHOIS privacy here.

How do I enable the WHOIS privacy service?

If you registered your domain since early February, 2017, and the TLD is supported, the privacy service is already in place.

If you registered your domain before early February, 2017 (when we turned on WHOIS privacy by default), and your TLD supports it, you can turn the privacy service on any time in your dashboard. Just go to the domain's page and click on "enable privacy". Follow the instructions and you're done!

Once WHOIS privacy is added, the page will update to show that the information is now hidden. There will also be a notification that WHOIS privacy will need to be removed if you ever need to transfer the domain.

Add WHOIS privacy

What if I don't want WHOIS privacy turned on?

We understand that some people don't want their details hidden, which is fine, too. You don't have to turn the privacy service on, or, if you ever want to remove it, just click "disable privacy" in your dashboard.

disable WHOIS privacy

How much does the WHOIS privacy service cost?

Our WHOIS privacy service is and always will be free of charge. If your current registrar charges extra for WHOIS privacy/proxy services, you should transfer your domain. You can start a transfer here.

Who can use the WHOIS privacy service?

Any iwantmyname customer can use our WHOIS privacy service. It can be added to most gTLDs and a few ccTLDs, though many ccTLD registries (e.g. .DE, .FR) don't offer a WHOIS privacy option. Check here to see if your domains can have WHOIS privacy added.

The New Zealand registry (.CO.NZ, .NZ, etc.) has added WHOIS privacy support, but note that it does not mask registrant name or email address.

We believe it should be in the best interest of any company or organization (i.e. not individuals) to use a contactable address when registering domains. If you need protection for your company, you should consider creating your own WHOIS privacy service.