Can I move my domain to iwantmyname?

Of course! Your domains belong to you, and you can use any registrar or service, or move them anywhere you choose.

Transferring domains to iwantmyname is easy, and we're happy to help. We have a guide here with information on the entire process for most gTLDs (domains with extensions like .COM, .NET, .ORG, or new ones like .PIZZA or .PHOTOS).

If you have a different type of domain or aren't sure what's required, just let us know. Note that per ICANN or registry policy many types of domains cannot be transferred for a period of time after registration or renewal as a security function.

Once the steps to prepare the domain for transfer are completed, you can initiate the transfer on our transfers page. We also show all our transfer pricing on that page.

Transfer fees cover a year's renewal, which is added to the domain when it transfers. Transfers are only billed when a domain transfer successfully completes. Domain types that are free to transfer do not include renewal.

We also recommend checking with your old registrar if they offer a function to manually approve and complete the transfer right away. (Some do, some don't.) Otherwise transfers complete automatically in 5-7 days once confirmed, and that can lead to downtime for websites or email. If that's a concern, let us know and we can help prevent downtime.