Behance ProSite is now Adobe Portfolio

Adobe has taken over Behance ProSite, and the new service is called Portfolio.

For those who have been ProSite customers and who wish to continue to use Portfolio, you will need to update the DNS records connecting your domain(s) to the service.

Adobe has provided instructions for setting up Portfolio with custom domains here: 

You can get the required A records from your Portfolio account. Once you know them, you can update them in your DNS dashboard:

Or send us an authenticated request for security and we'll take care of the update for you. (You will need two IP addresses from your Portfolio account to make the update.)

To do that, please login to your iwantmyname account and let us know that you would like to update to Adobe Portfolio. Send us the A record IP addresses from your Portfolio account using our support form:

Once that is done, the only thing left to do is to add your domain in your Portfolio account. Those instructions are on this page starting at "Finally, enter your Custom Domain in the Portfolio editor, in Settings --> Domain Name." 

Once you've completed that, your domain will be pointing to Adobe Portfolio now, and should start working shortly once the new settings have time to propagate.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to switch to another portfolio service/platform, we have a variety in our Marketplace, or we're happy to help you get any others set up.

If you have other questions or need additional help, just let us know.