What is a domain restore?

Once a domain is deleted (i.e. due to non-payment or cancellation by the customer), it enters a holding period at the underlying registry. During this period we are still able to recover your domain name for you.

Unfortunately, most registries charge a higher fee for domain restores to registrars, which we have to pass on to our customers. This fee does not come from our side and we are unable to process restores at the regular renewal rate.

How does the deletion process work?

As an example, the deletion process for generic top-level domains (such as .COM, .NET and .ORG) is as follows:

  1. Domain is removed from your iwantmyname account and deleted at the registrar level
  2. As soon as the domain is deleted, it is placed in a "pending delete restorable" or "redemption period" status at the registry (e.g. VeriSign for .COM/.NET or PIR for .ORG domains)
  3. The registry will only allow us to restore your domain within 30 days of deletion
  4. After 30 days, the status will change to "pending delete" at the registry. We will not be able to recover your domain once it has reached this status.
  5. The domain will be released to the general public 35 days after its deletion
Please note that the deletion process, timeframes and recovery options can be very different for country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

Do all domain extensions offer restores?

No. The following top-level domains (TLDs) either do not offer restore functionality at the registry level or are released to the general public immediately:

However, please note that in many cases we may be able to offer advice or an alternative solution. And if you have any questions about restoring your domain, we are always just an email away.

Domain restore price list

See all the domain extensions that can be recovered at the source registry (all prices include a 1-year renewal):