Domain & DNS hosting

Our full domain management & DNS hosting API is currently under development.

If you would like to obtain more information, please send us a message.

Interface with our domain search

You can already interface with our domain search, transfer page and shopping cart through the following URLs:

Domain Search[.tld]

Shopping Cart

Domain Transfer

Visit the good folks at and see how they're using it in conjunction with our affiliate program.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS) API

Simple API that allows DNS updates for your domains from the console or from within a script. No configuration needed, no special stuff to set up, just start using it:

curl -u "[username]:[password]" \

There can be more than one hostname in the update call (separated by commas) and hostnames that don't exist yet will be created implicitly. The "myip" parameter is optional and gets automatically filled with the remote IP if not provided.

Please keep in mind that DNS will be cached.