Manage your domains programmatically via our RESTful API

Our full domain management & DNS hosting API is currently under development.

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Dynamic DNS (DDNS) interface

We provide a DDNS interface so you can use your domain with routers and other dynamic hosts. This type of protocol is pretty ancient and comes with a few restrictions in general and on our end. We recommend that you put the domain in a separate account from the rest of your domains as the authentication currently only works via BasicAuth. Here is how it works:

        curl -u "[username]:[password]" \

The username/password parameters are your normal iwantmyname login credentials, the hostname is is the full host you want to update like and the myip parameter is the optional IP address you want to update the DNS record with. If this parameter is not set we update it to the IP the request is coming from.

Some more info about the service is on our blog.