What Are The Top 10 Global Domain Extensions? Statistics & Numbers, Part III

This blog post showing the top 10 list of domain extensions is part 3 of our Domain Statistics & Numbers article series:

  1. How many top-level domain name extensions exist in total?
  2. How many domains are registered worldwide?
  3. What are the Top 10 global domain extensions?
  4. How big are the generic top-level domain (gTLD) namespaces?
  5. What is the ranking of my country code top-level domain (ccTLD)?

Top 10 global domain name extension list

The ten largest domain extensions unite a whopping 150 million registrations:

  1. .COM: 82.01 million
  2. .DE (Germany): 13.05 million
  3. .CN (China): 12.55 million
  4. .NET: 12.42 million
  5. .UK (United Kingdom): 7.83 million
  6. .ORG: 7.79 million
  7. .INFO: 5.24 million
  8. .NL (Netherlands): 3.5 million
  9. .EU (European Union): 2.98 million
  10. .RU (Russia): 2.31 million

Source: DomainesInfo Statistiques

.COM is by far the the largest namespace worldwide, followed by the German .DE internet code, the Chinese .CN country domain extension and the generic .NET web address. It is very likely that .CN will surpass .DE again shortly (they recently changed positions). However, it will be interesting to see which impact the introduction of a suffix with Chinese characters such as .中国 (.CHINA) might have on the future growth of the .CN address.

These numbers also show how strong country domain extensions are in Europe with .UK, .NL and .EU taking further positions after .ORG and .INFO in the international Top 10 ranking.