Phoenix and the world of tomorrow - unadulterated, part 1


But seriously, I recently gave a talk at ElixirConf EU about what is going on in the backworks here at iwantmyname. As with all the talks I seem to give, the original draft packed 150 slides into a 45-minute slot placed right before lunch, and the talk right before me always runs long. My best-laid plans are usually for naught.

But here on this blog we have infinite time, so what we’ve decided to do (mostly Chris, our friendly neighborhood content strategist) is to slowly publish the full contents of my talk as a series of articles. And in our continuous effort to support the independent web, we plan on expanding each of the points so that this can work as a guide to our research and how you can apply it to your business, blog, or whatever to make the web a better place for everybody.

If you want to play at home, I would recommend poking the following with a stick in the near future:

It’s not necessary to have all these things installed or even to know what they are to read the coming blog posts, but I always find it helpful to have an example of what’s being talked about running locally so I can try stuff out.

Until next time!