Not quite a blogroll, but maybe a start


Getting a real, old-school blogroll up is going to take some ongoing legwork (I’m working on it… send me your blogs!), but in the meantime, I think we have another way we can highlight a little corner of the blogosphere — company blogs. Like this one.

Lots of companies are producing blog content, and some of it is really good (not just company PR). The problem is that these company blogs are usually buried in footers and only unearthed by curious customers when they want to see what’s going on. But for the most part, they just sit there. Unloved and unlinked to.

As a company, we’re in an interesting spot because we offer quick setups to dozens and dozens of platforms in a bunch of different market segments. We touch blog platforms, e-commerce platforms, marketing platforms, email platforms, etc., etc. So why not highlight their blogs while we’re at it?

It’s just a start, but here’s my quick and dirty solution, as seen on the FastMail plugin page (I’m starting with email platforms, then moving on from there). Once we have all the plugin pages linked to their corresponding blogs, we can figure out how to highlight the good ones from there. (For instance, should we just have a blogroll, or maybe a content aggregator to find the best of that content? I’m still not sure.)

Speaking of “good ones,” here are a few good company blogs I’ve found in the plugins list (I haven’t checked them all out yet, so this is just a small quality sample):

Read them. Love them. Then let’s figure out how to extract the good stuff on a regular basis. I personally want to live in a world where good, thoughtful voices get the attention they deserve on platforms they control (not the walled social gardens we’ve come to rely on). Maybe this is a start.