Meet new iwantmynamer Andray

When Andray was too young to know better, he wanted to grow up to be a monk and train at the Shaolin monastery in Henan, China. While his mom may have wanted to send him away once or twice in his childhood, the farthest away he got was the wuxing kung fu school three blocks away. Since then, he’s trained in capoeira, tae kwon do, and his current favourite martial art, Muay Thai.

Andray with his family

Now that he’s all grown up with a family (including twins, which keep him on his toes more than training ever did), Andray spends most of his time writing, as well as playing Super Smash Brothers on Saturday nights with his fiancée. The parenting moment he’s looking forward to the most, however, is when his daughters are old enough for him to take them to the neighbourhood kung fu school and sign them up for lessons.