Information about the Tictail shutdown

Back in November, Canadian e-commerce company Shopify acquired the popular Swedish-based e-commerce platform Tictail.

It was business as usual for a while, however, Shopify did notify Tictail’s customer base that it would be shutting down the service, and that date is coming up fast on March 31st.

Tictail customers will have received specific details directly, but since we’ve heard from a few customers of ours about updating their DNS settings, we’re posting a bit more information as well.

Conveniently, our Marketplace has a one-click setup for Shopify if you are a Tictail customer who is switching over.

When you are ready to switch over, if you login to your iwantmyname account, just go to this page to begin the install process, which will add the Shopify DNS records and replace the Tictail ones in your dashboard.

The new settings will need a couple of hours or so to propagate, and then you’ll be able to login to your Shopify account to add your domain name and finish any remaining setup there.

If you are not planning to switch to Shopify and aren’t sure how to switch to the new platform you want to use, or have other questions, just get in touch. We’re happy to help get things set up.