How to turn on WHOIS privacy for .nz domains

Setting up WHOIS privacy for .nz domains (including all the .nz variations:,,,,,,,, has always been a little different than other domains, and it’s now changing again with a feature called the Individual Registrant Privacy Option (IRPO). I’ll start with the official word from the registry, then lay out the process below.

From the .nz Domain Name Commission (items in bold were highlighted by us for clarity):

This feature allows individual registrants of a .nz domain name who are not in significant trade to withhold some of their registration information from display in a WHOIS search (to be known as a .nz query search). The registrant’s name, email address and country will still be visible; however, IRPO will withhold their registrant address and registrant telephone number from display.

Individual registrants who want to use IRPO for their domain name(s) will be required to ask their registrar for it, and make a declaration that they are not in significant trade.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Let us know that you want to add IRPO to your .nz domain (unfortunately there’s no way to do this automatically).
  2. We’ll check to ensure the domain isn’t registered to a company or being used for business (aka “significant trade”).
  3. If you are indeed an individual, we’ll enable IRPO.

If you have any questions about the program or its implementation, just let us know. We should be able to clear up any confusion.

Also, if you by chance find my writing confusing, here is the same information written a bit more formally in our Support Center.