How A Personal Website Can Boost Your Business

Guest post by Per Schmitz — Founder of DooID:


At DooID we focus on developing an outstanding platform for simple and clean personal websites. Our aim is to help you build an effective tool that will enhance your accessibility and promote your personal brand, in a painless, easy way.

A personal website will help you to connect with clients on a very emotional level, as you don’t only display the professional aspects of your life, but also give insights into who you are, your interests and visions. This emotional link will help to build trust and a deeper personal relationship with your audience. Emotions are a very subjective component of every sales process, but none the less weight heavily when taking decisions. At the same time your personal website displays all your on- and offline contact data. Unlike on a paper business card, virtually displayed contact data can easily be kept up-to-date and can showcase everything from your social media links to phone numbers.

Point people to one simple place where they can find your complete range of communication options, and can easily choose which way is the most comfortable for them to contact you. DooID allows to use your own domain name with the created personal website, which is a big advantage and adds professionalism when using your site for business purposes. A personal domain name like “” will make your site easier to remember and look more professional.

We just teamed up with DooID to help you set up your new domain and add it to your DooID site with one click — without any technical skills.