Domain for a last minute gift? Of course!

While giving a domain as a gift seems about as exciting as giving a package of paper as a gift, a domain can actually be a truly thoughtful gift for just about anyone on your gift list. I’ve listed just a few ideas below, but one thing I’ve learned over the last few years working in the domain industry is that buying a domain is a stepping stone to reaching a goal, realizing a dream or starting a new resolution.

Buy a domain as a gift

For the Bride or Groom to be

December is a popular engagement month and we see a lot of wedding and engagement domain registrations. Our own MJ registered a few years ago when she was getting married. Getting a .com domain is always a great idea but we also have .wedding as a unique option.

For the Family

Considering a family website or even just a family email address? You can always try to get your last name in a .com form but you can also register .family, .email, .club, .blog, .team, .online and many other options. You can also get descriptive with your family name domain, while the domain or aren’t available you could try or or

For the New Years Resolution-er or the New Entrepreneur

With the new year approaching we are seeing a lot of new registrations of .shop, .store, .photography and other entrepreneurial domains.

Paul from iwantmyname has a New Zealand based project which he’s set up to redirect to

Is 2019 the year your loved one is thinking of launching a new venture? One of my 2019 resolutions is to launch my own hand dyed yarn shop. I’m working on a Shopify store, which I’m still getting set up, Sea Witch Yarn. I also bought which redirects to Sea Witch Yarn. Suggested domains could end in .com, .co, .shop, .store for a store setup. Other options, depending on the type of new venture, could be .blog, .consulting, .coach, .cafe, .restaurant, .design, .cleaning, and hundreds more which you can check out here.

For the Graduate or the Job Seeker

Whether the domain is for a website, portfolio, blog, or redirecting to another URL we recommend having your own domain as a job hunter. It doesn’t look professional when you use your old hotmail, gmail, or yahoo email address so keep that in mind as well. In my case I have and which are both set up to redirect to my LinkedIN profile. (Not that I’m job hunting! I’m very happy to work at!)

For the Creative

Some of my favourite domain extensions are for the creative types with .band, .rocks, .art, .photo, .photography, .photos, .pics, .pictures, .gallery, .design, .ink, .pub, .press, .actor

For the Pet Lover

A favourite topic for our team! MJ has a new pup with a website for him. I have a 1 year old dog which redirects to an Instagram account. You can register .dog, .pet and .fish with us. Unfortunately we don’t register .cat or .bird but you can register .love and isn’t that the same thing?

For the Special Event

Birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc? We think .party is perfect, but there’s also .charity, .buzz, and .fun.

For Other Interests

I wasn’t kidding at the beginning of this post when I said there’s a domain for just about anyone. With hundreds of domain types beyond the usual .com and .net available the sky is the limit, and speaking of sky one of our team has the fun

Just a few more ideas:

.cooking, .recipes, .beer, .fan, .fun, .,lol, .coffee, .hockey, .bingo, .bike, .football, .racing, .soccer, .wine, and .cool.

You can explore all of our hundreds of domain options and domain pricing here.

Coming up in January, I’ll be starting a series of posts with ways to use your domain and how to get your New Years Resolutions on track. Have any questions or suggestions for the January New Years Resolutions series or other blog post ideas? Please send them to!