Christchurch Quake Shock


As you will be aware New Zealand suffered one of it’s most devastating natural disasters of modern times earlier today when our second largest city Christchurch was struck by a severe earthquake. We already know that many small historic buildings were badly damaged, several large office buildings were completely destroyed and sadly it appears likely that the number of deaths will rise substantially from the first estimate of 65. The region had only just begun to recover from a quite severe quake event in September 2010, but this time it is much more serious.

Our thoughts go out to the people of Christchurch and especially to our friends and customers from that region. At this stage of the crisis the main focus is on rescue amidst the debris. If you are worried about a missing friend or family member or would like to help in a practical way, there are a number of resources available.

  • Google have set up a person finder site that may be of some use.* Red Cross missing persons phone line 0800 733 276 or +64 7 850 2199
  • Other Google resources. Crisis Commons wiki site available online. TradeMe site with helpful links.
  • Ushahidi platform with localised information and civil defence updates.
  • To make an offer of accomodation in Wellington for evacuees.
  • NEW Findaroom accomodation site.
  • Offers of accommodation in Auckland for evacuees.
  • To arrange to donate blood in NZ call 0800 GIVE BLOOD (0800 448 325).
  • Donate cash to assist the Salvation Army’s efforts in Chrischurch.
  • Local New Zealand government phone emergency helpline for people affected by the quake 0800 779 997.

UPDATE: 2pm Thur 24 Feb

If you would like to donate cash to help the relief effort, we recommend the New Zealand Red Cross website which is now fully operational again thanks to a collaborative effort amongst techies here in Wellington. We’ve also helped out with getting up and running.