Giving back in 2016

At a time when we seem to be confronted by images of human suffering on a daily basis, as bystanders, we can easily feel overwhelmed. With war, hunger, and climate change impacting millions globally - how can we possibly help?

At iwantmyname, we have a long-established policy of setting aside a small portion of revenue from each domain registration towards our charitable fund. About this time each year we have a discussion among the team about where we’d like to focus our efforts the following year. Our budget for 2016 will be around $10,000, so it’s important that we choose wisely.

A particular theme this year has been the outpouring of refugees from North Africa. We’ve all seen the shocking media stories highlighting tragedies involving young children. So we’ve decided to donate to Save The Children, who do a fantastic job supporting children at risk globally.

We have also decided to provide some follow-up funding for a specific project that is dear to our hearts. In 2015 we visited beautiful Bali on our company retreat, held at Hubud an emerging startup and co-working space on the island. There we learned of IDEP, which provides education and technical aid across Indonesia in support of ecological projects. Water is central to Balinese life and religion, but Bali faces a water crisis right now, so we will contribute additional funding to IDEP’s water project on the island. (On a related note, we were also thrilled to support Bali Startup Weekend this year.)

Finally, we anticipate another active season for tropical storms in the Pacific Ocean, so we are setting aside some funds for emergency use, as and when the need arises. Last year we donated to cyclone relief in both Philippines and Vanuatu, and with a strong El Nino weather pattern in play, it seems likely that there will be more storms to come.

With your help, as our company grows, we will continue to expand our commitment to help others in need. We also challenge other companies to follow suit. Thank you for your support in 2015 and wishing you a safe and festive holiday season from all the team.