Looking for an amazing UI designer

iwantmyname has made quite a few changes over the last few months. We’ve expanded our team to ten with the recent addition of Travis, we’ve added a ton of great documentation to our Support Center and we’re constantly improving our backend to make it faster and more stable than ever. But there’s still one gap in our collective skillset that we need to fill—UI design.

Calling all UI designers

Our goal now is to find someone who can come in and make the iwantmyname UI something special. Specifically, we’re looking for someone with great design chops and a love for usability and accessibility who is organized enough to work with a team scattered all around the world. We’re based in Wellington, New Zealand, but it’s a truly global company, with employees who live full-time and part-time in Europe, North America or wherever they happen to be at the moment.

So if you think you’re a good fit (or know someone who is), head over to our jobs page for more information and next steps.