John O’Nolan has some tips for overcoming blogger’s block

Blogging has gotten a bad rap over the last few years because the medium is inundated with so much noise. But starting and maintaining a good (i.e. useful) blog takes an amazing amount of dedication to a very specific window of interest, which is why it’s so rare to see blogs that are more than a year old.

The trick to staying engaged with a specific topic is to always have something to say, and for that, we have a great post from John O’Nolan of Ghost, titled “How To Come up with Great Ideas for Blog Posts, Every Single Time.”

What do I write about now? What do I have to say that’s important enough to be worth publishing? Will anyone even care? This isn’t working. I’ll try again tomorrow.

This thinking often forces us to repress ideas and throw them into the “not worth publishing” bucket. It’s a shame, because it stifles creativity. This is why we’re often left staring at computer screens knowing that we should publish something, but unable to decide on exactly what.

To combat this: Today we’re going to look at some tried and tested techniques for coming up with blog post ideas even when you feel like you’ve got no creativity left to give.

Piggybacking on this topic, another great post strategy is to send people to useful articles other people have written (how meta…a blog post highlighting a blog post about blogging!). There’s absolutely no shame in becoming a trusted resource for finding other trusted resources.