Cities are a good bet for new domain extension success

Looking at the new generic top-level (gTLDs) domain stats, it’s clear that a number of the new domain extensions are merely flashes in the pan. Some, like .club and .guru are doing well, but niche gTLDs like .archi, .qpon and the upcoming .blackfriday and .christmas may need some time and luck to gain traction.

But one category makes a lot of sense for local residents and businesses, and also has a basis for success the other gTLDs don’t have—cities. Around the world (aside from the US), county-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) are hugely popular, with domain extension registrations in particular numbering well into the millions. And that sort of localized naming scheme seems to translate well to cities, with .Berlin currently sitting as the second most popular gTLD currently available.

Later this month .Tokyo will become the second city gTLD, and with an estimated 30+ million people in the greater area, it has quite a bit of growth potential. Then we’ll see other big-city domains, including (but not limited to):

When we look back at the launch of the gTLDs, I have a feeling the first big push away from .com (aside from the ccTLDs) will come in the form of these city extensions. They’re broad, yet specific, and are extremely memorable for their target audiences—the perfect combination for domain name success.