Yes, you can still get free custom email addresses

There was a time when you could easily get free custom email addresses through Google, but those days have come and gone. Now if you want to set up a name@yourdomain.tld email address, you have to pay up like you’re a business. Multiple users, vast amounts of space, tons of add-ons. But if you’re just looking for something small that may or may not ever grow, having a freemium option is ideal. And for that, you should check out Zoho Mail.

In short, Zoho Mail offers just about everything gmail does, including lots of space, document storage and integration with productivity tools like calendars and task lists. Zoho Mail also has a webmail interface that works surprisingly well, and can easily be added to your favorite mail app for a more personalized workflow. Best of all though is the aforementioned free tier, with 5GB mail and document storage for up to 10 users (and it’s ad-free).


Setting up your custom email address

Once you’re ready to get started with Zoho Mail, the setup is quite simple. First, head to your iwantmyname dashboard and select Apps & Services under the Setup menu. Under the Mail category, you’ll see Zoho Mail (or just type in Zoho Mail in the search field). From there, just add it to your domain and click Install Zoho Mail.

Now that the domain is set up, head to Zoho Mail and select Get Started. Then, after you type in all the information needed, you’re on to verifying ownership of your domain.

Zoho Domain

As you can see in the screenshot below, just select TXT Method and click Verify. Since you already have your domain configured, everything should go through without a hitch.


That’s it! You now have your very own custom email address (it may take a while to start working, so hang tight if it’s not instant). And as always, if you have any questions about the install, just let us know via our support channel.