Say hi to the 10th iwantmynamer, Travis Holton

Creating a sustainable company is a victory in and of itself, but growth is always cause for celebration. And today, we’re celebrating the 10th member of the iwantmyname team—Travis Holton.

Travis comes to New Zealand by way of the US and Germany (where he spent some time working with Lenz and Manu in Starnberg), and brings with him a host of software development experience. He specializes in Object Oriented Design, Python, Perl and JavaScript, but has worked with and can adapt to anything we’ll be throwing at him. He also has half-a-decade of experience in the domain industry, so his blend of prior knowledge and current skills will be incredibly useful for our future growth.

But perhaps more important than his programming skills are the extra things he brings to the table. He’s a home-brewer (every office needs a home-brewer), he lives on a farm near a beach (perfect for company outings) and his wife makes the most amazing goat cheeses and coffee/tea creamers.

So if you get the chance, be sure to welcome Travis to the team (@heytrav). We’re really happy to have him on board, and are thrilled to round the team out to an even 10.