8 alternatives to .com for review websites

So you’re creating a review website, but like so many before you, finding a good .com that fits your brand name is nearly impossible. It’s a difficult dilemma, because the last thing you want is to cripple your brand with a top-level domain that might come across as less than professional. But with hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) coming out over the next few years, in addition to the list of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) already available, people are naturally going to become more and more used to seeing things other than .com at the end of their favorite domains.

Once you’re ready to make the leap, here are some TLDs you should keep your eye on.

If you’re going to be an authority in your field, you’d better be an expert. And with the .expert and .guru TLDs, your expert status will be set in stone. Also, a big side benefit is that both of these TLDs have already established a level of popularity, with nearly 100,000 domains registered between them.

If you’re a believer in the new gTLDs truly categorizing the internet, no TLDs are more fitting for review sites than .review and .reviews. The real question is which one to go with. The common thought is that you should always try to get your domain name to be as short as possible, but it’s seems more natural to say .reviews when looking for reviews of something.

Review sites are incredibly useful for determining the quality of things, but sometimes all people want is a good place to find what’s new. They’re just searching, and the .search gTLD captures that perfectly.

  • Your local ccTLD

For Americans, it’s fairly uncommon to see local ccTLDs for websites, but most countries around the world use their country’s domain extension for local businesses and blogs—like Spain with .es, .uk with the UK and Italy with .it. Obviously this wouldn’t be the best solution for a review site looking for an international reach, but local restaurant reviews and the like would be served well by staying local. And America… is the .us TLD so bad?

  • Aim for your specific topic

With more than a hundred gTLDs currently available, and hundreds more coming out soon, there are endless possibilities for great review site domain names. .Beer would be amazing for a beer review site, .cars would go so well for a car blog, .tech for a tech review site, and the list goes on and on. The only thing to keep in mind when narrowing your reach is that it’s hard to expand later. For example, it would be pretty odd to make a site ending in .beer transition to wine reviews.