Celebrating 100,000 domains at iwantmyname!

iwantmyname growth

We’re just a few months past our 5th birthday now, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve crossed a major milestone: 100,000 domains managed by iwantmyname.

That’s still tiny compared to the big players in the industry, but we’ve now proven our theory that there’s room on the web for a domain management service that does things a bit differently. Our mission from the start was to focus on easy-to-use, straightforward domain hosting, while getting out of our customers’ way so that they can quickly set up their own web addresses. Simple and honest domain pricing, no annoying upselling and a focus on great customer service helped us get to where we are today.

From a company perspective, we’re thrilled to have achieved this as a bootstrapped startup from a remote corner of the world (in case you didn’t know, we’re based in Wellington, New Zealand). However, we very much see ourselves as an international company, with 90% of our customers being from overseas.

And that brings us to the people who made all this possible: our customers. It’s inspiring to see your ideas coming to life—the countless Tumblr sites making us laugh, blogs we’re reading every day, great apps from great developers, shops selling awesome t-shirts and designers blowing the interwebs away with their artwork. You are the reason we get up every morning (and stay up late). Thank you so much!

A few interesting facts and tidbits from behind the scenes

  • The oldest domain currently under management was registered nearly 24 years ago!
  • We’ve processed more than 200,000 registrations, renewals and transfers over the last 5.5 years
  • It took us a year to get to 1,000 domains under management and just a bit over 4 years for the remaining 99,000
  • We now offer 212 different domain extensions and are adding more on a weekly basis
  • Your domains are being looked after by 9 people (4 developers, 2 support, 1 product, 1 operations, 1 content)
  • 10 cents from each domain registered goes to global aid initiatives

What’s coming next?

It’s simple. We will continue with our mission:

We believe that any person, organisation or company should have complete control over their web address. You should be able to own it, use it the way you want and move it if necessary. This can all be achieved by registering a domain name.

There are hundreds of new generic top-level domains being released over the next few years, and we’ll do our very best to make them easier than ever to find, manage and own at iwantmyname.