Kiwi Code Retreat - Advancing The Art Of Coding Software

Guest post by Aimee Whitcroft

This coming Saturday December 14th, iwantmyname is really happy to be sponsoring the Wellington Kiwi Code Retreat. It’s part of Global Day of Coderetreat, in which thousands of software developers in well over a hundred cities spend the day practicing their craft - code.

Amy Palamountain, who is organiser and co-host with her partner Martin Holman, likens the retreat to the practice time put in by musicians. When musicians perform, the audience is amazed and thrilled by the musicians’ mastery of their chosen instrument, but of course you don’t see the hours and years of practice put in behind the scenes. Hence the retreat. Says Amy: “Building software is a very creative endeavour, yet we go to work every day and essentially perform. We practice our craft often during the performance itself (if that makes sense!).”

She goes on to say: “How much better would we be at our craft if we actually put time into practice - practice with no consequence? No client waiting for a solution, no expectations, just time to push your craft to the next level.”

The day will be split into six blocks, with coders changing partners for each block. Everyone is given a problem to work on, and a constraint that is added into the mix. At the end of each session, all traces of the code are deleted - the point being to stretch one’s coding muscles.

Amy knows what she’s talking about when it comes to code - from Wellington originally, she’s been coding professionally for 6+ years, speaks regularly at schools and conferences, and is just about to start at GitHub! She says she “loves being part of a community of people who write code; people who make things”, and can’t wait for this weekend. Martin works at MindScape, building an error reporting service called RayGun.

When asked why they’re hosting this year’s event? “We’re both firm believers in software craftsmanship, and that the values of writing great code transcend the language you program in.”

“And it’s such a great way to meet and hang out with a bunch of Wellington’s top programmers!”

We couldn’t agree more, and we’re really proud to be sponsoring this year’s event, especially having recently marked five years of being part of the Wellington tech community. We hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed supporting it. [btw - if you are based north of the Bombay hills, have no fear! There’s an Auckland version, too.

Aimee Whitcroft is a tech and science enthusiast, writer/blogger/editor, motorcyclist (when she can), banjo player (ditto) and founder/host of Nerd Nite Wellington.