For Our Birthday, We’re Giving Back (And You Should Too)

iwantmyname is turning five this week—a remarkable feat for any online business. And with a great staff, wonderful community support and unbelievably loyal customers, we’re excited about what the future holds.

To mark the occasion, we’re making a small but very significant change. From this week on, we’re going to donate 10 cents from each domain registered to global aid initiatives. It’s a small amount to begin with, but it’s a sustainable way we can celebrate our good fortune by giving back.

Donation Strategy

It might sound odd for a tech company to have a donation strategy; but we feel that we have a social responsibility to make a positive contribution in the world outside of our immediate sphere of interest. It’s also really important to make sure our aid money is put to good use. So we did quite a bit of research on to find a charity that spends a high portion of its budget on programs and services, not executive boards and administration. We also wanted to support significant global causes, since our customers come from nearly every country on Earth.

Our First Charity

Save The Children

With a nearly perfect Charity Navigator score, as well as impressively using 91.7% of its budget on programs and services, we’ve selected Save the Children as our first charity of choice. More specifically, it’s our intention to support the fantastic work that Save The Children is doing right now on the ground in typhoon ravaged Philippines.

But please don’t let our donation be the end of the story however. If you’re able, please consider donating what you can to their global cause. It would make us happier than anything to inspire someone to make a difference.

And once again, thank you so much for supporting us for the last five years. We appreciate it more than you know.