iwantmyname In The Community

Almost everyone knows that iwantmyname is the coolest and most fun place to manage your domain names, but did you also know that we support lots of good stuff in our local community here in New Zealand as well as projects in the developing world? With our tech start-up scene making waves globally, it’s good business sense to participate and also a lot of fun.

Startup Weekends have really taken off here in New Zealand and iwantmyname was one of the earliest backers, providing mentors, organisational support and cash sponsorship. Recently I enjoyed the amazing privilege of being a judge at a special social enterprise themed Startup Weekend event in our home town Wellington. We think encouraging and educating young entrepreneurs is one of the most important planks towards building a stronger economy and a more participatory society.

Our city has a lively tech and start-up community networked by numerous meetups, user groups and world class tech conferences such as LeanUX, Drupal South and Webstock. We sponsor the local PHP User Group and JavaScript Users plus we are big fans and supporters of Hackers & Founders. We also started the Growth Hacker Meetup, for tech founders interested in tools and tips for building a business online. The whole ecosystem here is fueled by good coffee and excellent local craft beer, which helps lubricate most of the deal making and brainstorming done around town.

If you are heading down to New Zealand for a conference or holiday, make sure you catch up with the iwantmyname team at one of the many tech conferences or meetups on offer in our area.