iwantmyname does not register domains you have searched for on our site. EVER.

We’ve been flying a bit under the radar for a couple of years but as we grow (iwantmyname is now serving 40,000 customers!) it’s only natural that some of the domain industry myths such as front-running are thrown at us. In case you didn’t know, front-running is “the practice whereby a domain name registrar uses insider information to register domains for the purpose of re-selling them or earning revenue via ads placed on the domain’s landing page” — more on Wikipedia.

Domain Search Front-Running


Now let me be absolutely clear. We don’t do such things! In fact, GoDaddy debunked the myths around front-running based on some search logs:

As unique as customers believe their domain name ideas are, there’s more “innovation collision” than many people realize. With so many domain name registrations happening every day, there is a good probability a domain name you searched for is also being searched by someone else.

That’s all there is to it.

We even go a step further at iwantmyname and don’t participate in any aftermarket practices at all. Questionable activities of other service providers such as parking unused domains or upselling a wheelchair to your grandma to squeeze the last bit of revenue out of customers is the very reason why we started our company a little more than 4 years ago. You can read more the domain management ethics we stand up for on our about page.