Beware Of Domain Name Renewal Scams

Different types of domain name scams have been around for many years, yet many domain owners are still unaware of the issue. The scams range from threatening to register available versions of your name or brand to phishing emails to get your username and password. One of the most common scams is the attempt of tricking customers into transferring domains to another registrar who charges an exorbitant amount for domain renewals. Quite often these attempts are made by post to make it look more legit.

Example letter “Domain Renewal Group”:

Domain Renewal Scam Letter

Some things to check when you receive an email or letter regarding your domain registration, renewal or transfer:

  • Remember you will never receive a written letter from us to register, renew or transfer a domain.
  • Check the sender address of renewal (or other) notification emails. All our notifications and reminders are sent from an email address ending in ‘’ or ‘’.
  • Always make sure you are on in your browser’s address bar before entering any login information.
  • We’ve come acress many domain name scams over the years as you can imagine. If in doubt, please contact us!