49 New Top-Level Domain Bids Revealed So Far

This month marks an important milestone for the domain community with the big reveal of all new top-level domain (TLD) applicants on June 13. After years of hard work, lots of discussions and numerous delays, the internet’s governing body ICANN will finally let you know which domain extensions made the cut. The application window closed yesterday and not surprisingly some entities already came forward with their TLD plans.

These are the companies which have announced TLDs in the last few days:

  • Radix (31): Indian-based Directi group plans to act as the registry of .WEB, .SHOP, .BANK, .LAW, .MUSIC, .NEWS, .BLOG, .MOVIE, .BABY, .STORE, .DOCTOR, .HOTEL, .PLAY, .HOME, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .CLICK, .ONLINE, .ONE, .PING, .SPACE, .WORLD, .PRESS, .CHAT, .CITY, .DEALS, .INSURANCE, .LOANS, .APP, .HOST, .HOSTING and is quite open about the fact that it might be contested by other companies such as web.com who also submitted an application for a .web extension.

  • Google (4): Google will apply for their trademarks, i.e. .GOOGLE as well as domains related to products like .DOCS which is part of the Google Apps suite. They’re also planning extensions to improve the user experience such as .YOUTUBE and creative ones, e.g. .LOL for cat pictures (is there any other funny stuff on the web?). The internet giant has applied for up to 50 domains in total.

  • Momentous (4): The Canadian company decided to submit applications for an interesting selection with .DESIGN, .STYLE, .RIP, .SUCKS – with the latter certainly stirring some controversy.

  • Go Daddy (3): DNS industry behemoth Go Daddy revealed their plans for .GODADDY, .HOME & .CASA which makes sense from a branding perspective and for end users to create their home on the internet.

  • PIR (2): The Public Interest Registry (PIR) who is already managing the .ORG top-level domain wants to add .NGO and .ONG to their portfolio.

  • American Bankers Association (2): This group has applied for two the names .BANK and .INSURANCE which will be restricted TLDs meaning registration will not be open to the general public.

  • CloudNames (2): As the name would suggest one of the strings CloudNames has placed a bid for is .CLOUD which “will allow businesses and individuals to have their own cloud on the Internet”. The second TLD is .GLOBAL for international businesses.

Without doubt there will be more announcements before ICANN’s official statement in two weeks where hundreds of additional top-level domain extensions are expected.

Which suffix is your favorite? What domains would you register? We’d love to see your suggestions in the comments.