Bubble And Squeak Kids Fashion Fry-Up


Growing a little tired of cookie cutter, mass produced clothing lines for kids? Our domain of the month might have the answer for you. Bubble and Squeak offers online retailing for fun and funky childrenswear at affordable price points.

My kid has moved on to a school uniform now, but I can still remember what a drag it was trying to find fashionable and individual styles to bundle him in when he was an active toddler. These days clothing manufacturers’ colour pallette seems to be limited to pastel shades of blue and pink. Bubble and Squeak in-house designs have a lot more imagination than that and they limit each production run to 50 stock items in each size range. So you won’t run into a kiddie clone on your next outing to the mall.

Bubble and Squeak’s e-tailing site is also a great example of how to set up a domain customised Shopify store front on the web. Shopify walks you through building your online marketplace, but you can also engage a friendly developer/designer to give it that extra special flavour. Bubble and Squeak has the highly sought after web development team at Uprise to thank for tailoring their website to best promote these smart sartorial offerings to busy Mums and Dads online.