Photo Hosting Service 500px Increases Exposure


Every so often we come across a web app that simply blows our socks off. 500px is one such. It’s a portfolio offering for photographers that is jam packed full of absolutely gorgeous images. Of course we simply had to add it to our recommendation list of hosted services and it has been great to see users taking early advantage of our easy domain customization facility for 500px portfolios.

500px is a community and a meritocracy as well, so the most popular shots get featured and promoted on the site. They also upgraded their iPad App recently which is proving to be popular. The site has frequently been described as a Flickr killer, but there really is no comparison. 500px is squarely aimed at professional or more serious amateur photographers. So you won’t find yourself overwhelmed by pics of kittens and cute babies. This is serious content from dedicated, creative and hard working photographers.

You can tell these guys are serious about promoting their craft. The 500px app has now been optimized to deliver a better experience across all mobile platforms and they also built a nifty plug-in that allows pros to export image files directly from Adobe Lightroom. No doubt other enhancements are in the pipeline. In the same way that Instagram is revolutionizing mobile image sharing and with a reputed 8 million plus visitors daily, 500px looks unstoppable.