Blackout Sheds Light On SOPA Madness


Led by major Internet sites such as Reddit and Wikipedia, January 18th is now shaping up as a major online protest event aimed at raising public awareness regarding the highly controversial Stop Online Piracy (SOPA) bill that is before the U.S. congress at present.

Enacting SOPA in its current form will undoubtedly have major implications for Internet companies globally. It could also potentially crush freedom and innovation on the Web through draconian measures designed to promote a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach to addressing content piracy. That is why we recently invited domain owners to Make A Move For Good away from fat cat companies that were backing SOPA.

The consumer backlash against SOPA stopped some of its corporate sponsors dead in their tracks, proving that Internet activism really can make a difference. But the war is not yet won. In fact it is feared that supporters of the bill such as media dinosaur Rupert Murdoch and his powerful friends in the motion picture industry are scrambling to mount an orchestrated counter-attack. It is important to show that we don’t want an Internet censored by governments at the behest of corporate lobbyists.

You can show your support for the blackout in many ways. Firstly (and most importantly) blog about it and share opinions and discussion widely through social media as well as offline. Secondly, you may wish to add an image to your site supporting the protest. Our friends over at web optimizer Torbit have created a nifty Javascript popup that does exactly that. Be informed and keep on fighting.