A Domain For Chinese New Year


This week sees the start of the Chinese or Lunar New Year with 2012 being a “most auspicious” year of the dragon. There’s no denying that China remains an economic juggernaut and despite the uncertain global economic outlook, growth is expected to exceed 8% this year. So what is the best way for companies trading there to build a secure web profile?

There are two considerations for businesses wishing to set up a web presence in China or other Chinese speaking markets. Firstly, what are safe domains to use? The .cn domain is a well established domain with over 3 million (mostly domestic) users, but which is under the strict control of the government Information Ministry. We have chosen not to offer the .cn domain at this time.

Many companies outside China however are making use of the .asia domain which is a completely independent domain that became available in 2008 and has almost 200,000 registrants around the Asia-Pacific region. Because .asia is a relatively young registry, there remains the opportunity to secure some good quality domains. Another U.S. based registry that we recommend is the cn.com domain which we are currently offering at a huge discount.

The second consideration is language. Internationalized domain names (IDN) have arrived and you can now have your favorite domain in non-Latin scripts – example 幸运的红龙.com. IDNs are available across a limited (but growing) number of the most popular registries. If you have a non-English brand name that you wish to promote, this is a great way to go.